Virtual Promo Video

Virtual Promo Video

Does your corporate meeting need a break from business? Are you having a family virtual happy hour or celebration?
Having a corporate virtual party? Want to have some VIRTUAL fun entertainment?

VIRTUAL INTERACTIVE MAGIC SHOWS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR CORPORATE MEETINGS, CONFERENCES, AND ADULT /FAMILY HOLIDAY HAPPY HOURS AND FUNDRAISERS! Magic Of Marco guarantees you will have a fun "VIRTUAL" magical experience with a comedic edge. This quality produced magic show plays just as well in the virtual world via a Zoom type meeting platform. The show will be a mixture of parlor and close-up sleight of hand magic, all in the setting of his virtual magical theater with brand new video & audio equipment and a 2nd person operating the camera. THIS IS A HIGH DEFINITION QUALITY PRODUCED MAGIC SHOW! Your virtual guests will be left with the feeling that Marco just performed live in their homes.

Video testimonial from a client that hires Magic Of Marco

2 to 3 times per month to open their Corporate conference

Video testimonial from a Lifestyle director from an over 55 community

Family virtual testimonial from a sisterhood for a temple event

Virtual Magic Shows

Marco's standard virtual magic show is 45 to 50 minutes long, however he can tailor his virtual magic shows to meet the clients' needs and time demands from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. Marco has performed these virtual magic shows for small groups of 5-10 people to larger groups of over 200.

Marco has performed his virtual comedy magic shows for corporate events, birthdays, and casual gatherings of friends. All of Marco's virtual magic shows are live online, interactive and filled with amazing, mind blowing, off the hook magic, all done with a comedic edge. Whether it be an adult, corporate, or family show, all shows are specifically designed for the age groups.
All virtual magic shows consists of props and objects vanishing, changing colors, and magically transforming - all in plain view. The adult show has more sophisticated magic with a touch of mentalism. Some of the effects are transposition, rising objects, mind control, a killer card trick or two, rope effects, and just some unexplainable magical effects which will leave you amazed.

Marco's guarantee is you will have fun, laugh, be amazed, and thoroughly entertained!!

Virtual Magic Shows work best for these online events!

1. Virtual Corporate Meetings / Conferences

2. All Virtual Holiday Parties

3. Virtual Birthday's / Anniversaries

4. Family / Friends Virtual Happy Hours

5. Virtual Fundraisers

Marco's magic shows are designed for any group of people

that get together and just want to have fun!!

Let Magic Make Smiles!

Hire New Jersey virtual magician Magic of Marco for your virtual online event. Anywhere in New Jersey, magic shows in New York, NYC, or Westchester, if you're requesting a virtual magician in NJ, virtual magicians in NYC, virtual magic in Westchester, or a virtual magician in New Jersey, you have come to the right website. NJ Comedy magician Marco performs corporate magic, adult magic shows as well as family & children's magic shows in NJ, NYC, CT, PA, and Nationwide.